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“The service was thorough and great. Pablo seems to be an honest person, who aims to please his customers. My car (2006 Toyota Rav4) wouldn't start, turns out it needed a new fuel pump, but Pablo made sure the car wasn't just immobilized before concluding that the fuel pump was the problem. Great service!” – Sharon H., Orlando, FL

“The middle of 2014 I was getting a shimmy when braking with my 2011 Hyundai Genesis coupe. 2 prior trips to the dealership and they never resolved the issue so I called Brembo since my car was equipped with their braking system. They told me that JDM was the closest place to me that they could recommend. 

On their recommendation I took my car there and not only did they take care of the issue but they even stayed open late on a Friday to make sure my car was finished. I eventually traded in the car for an identically equipped 2015 Hyundai Genesis coupe in December of 2014 but one thing is for sure... I never had an issue with the brakes after JDM serviced them.

Just FYI... I called 3 Hyundai dealerships and explained what the issue was and ALL three assured me I was in need of new pads, needed the rotors resurfaced and the cheapest quote over the phone was $450. JDM told me I still had 50% of my pad life and that the rotors simply needed to be turned properly. Guess what... They only charged me $80. 

If you have an issue with your Japanese or in my case Korean car... Take it to JDM...” – Mike P., Orlando, FL

“We were customers of Pablo and crew for 8 years and he always took good care of us. No nonsense, no hustle. We always got the truth, a fair price, and then they stood behind the work. JDM took care of 4 cars during those 8 years and we were always happy customers. We would be with them still if we hadn't moved to the opposite side of the country. Yep, no complaints from us, just compliments. And we have nothing to gain by writing this review, except to thank Pablo and his staff for years of great service.” – Kathy F., Phoenix, AZ

“Pablo at JDM is a great guy. I'm on vacation with my family from Texas and my check engine light came on. I knew a local dealer would charge me a service charge to hookup their computer to diagnose a problem. I goggled for a repair shop and got JDM online. I called and Pablo and he said bring it over. He had plenty of work, but still hooked up his computer to check and found out it was a leak. The computer did not tell him where, but he said he knew what these cars usually leak from. I thought "here we go, he wants a lot of money to find the problem" but to my surprise he said let me check your gas cap, and he showed me the problem. He checked his shop for a new one and called the dealership to see if it was a match. When it wasn't, he told them I was coming over and "take care of him". I was real impressed asked if I owed anything and he said no and ask for a specific person at dealership- he was expecting me. Great guy and great service coming from out of town - it was nice to see and meet such an honest person.” – Brian M., San Antonio, TX

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